Re: ARDEN Gathering Sept 28th 2019 2 PM Hampton Red Cross office

Darrell Sutton

John I am glad we could do something to provide some information.

The only thing in Newport News is my home Dave is looking to do some live setup down near the James River Bridge area.

Nothing on Middle Peninsula that we have heard although there is some interest and a possible program maybe presented next year nothing confirmed yet.

The new Richmond node(s) hopefully will get others interested.  I am not sure th exact location of that site at this point.

We had been told that there may be some interest in Surry area but not able to confirm that at this time.

There was some interest in Portsmouth area as well but at this time I am not aware of anything in testing.

We heard of the Interest in Va Beach area on Saturday hopefully they will be able to get others interested in time.

As I mentioned Tower/Height locations are always an issue for any ham needs and getting others interested that might have towers for HF or VHF/UHF part of the hobby could help fill in more MESH areas.


Darrell Sutton

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