Re: Tunnels and plugins

Darrell Sutton

Hi John I currently am tunneled to N2MH system on the Tidewater VA feed he has it connects to Rich N2NMH, Also KM4DC and KE2N.
I am also tunneled to Hampton Network with a pbx on both networks.

I heard that there maybe a SWVA tunnel area but unsure of that.

I don't know if the Richmond Metro area or NOVA is tunneled anywhere?

On Wed, Apr 8, 2020 at 6:25 PM John Magda <john.magda@...> wrote:
Looking for information on tunnel options and other useful plugins in Virginia.  What did you all find you cannot do without?     Thanks.  John KB4YFK. 

Darrell Sutton
Hamshack Hotline Ext 4876

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