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Old Dog

Yes sir, I know those co-ordinates are actually "in" the water.

I intended to do the homework if I could find a host with the necessary vertical asset(s) so did not consider the co-ordinates being in the water anyone else's problem.  But if you want the exact co-ordinates  37°32'13.8"N 76°20'46.9"W  That should get you close enough to see the shadow of the tilt over on the overhead.  It is between the two cherry trees just to the south of the shack.

I don't know what parameters you ran with on your chart but I had a shot running for a couple of years from the house here to Mathews Court House (37.436467, -76.331460).  It was a Ubiquiti Rocket M5 in a Rocket M2 dish (the focal length for the dish's were the same at that time)  to a 12 or maybe 15 dB 120 degree sector at the other end.  Your diagram does not show that shot as possible.  If you give me information on the other end of the link, I can tell you if it will make or not with probably about 80% confidence to +/- 3 dB and 90% confidence to +/- 6 dB.  I am a little rusty but I think I could still manage it.

I did run the data from Mathews CH (37.436467, -76.331460)   to the power company (37.215443, -76.462348) near Seaford  years ago.  The idea at the time was to replace our DS3 from AT&T with a 100 Mbit/sec backhaul off or their smoke stack to copper at their location. That was when the fastest copper in York County was a hundred megabit drop at that location.  We never built that one.  That shot will make (Mathews CH to VP&E Seaford), so the hundred megs can be done to White Stone (37.647110, -76.394709) via Matthews CH.  I did build the shot from the White Stone tower(37.647110, -76.394709) to Mathews Court House (37.436467, -76.331460) probably ten years ago now.  As far as I know the people who bought our company did not maintain the link.

Anyway thanks.  If there is a map of the vertical assets to which VAAREDN has access I would greatly appreciate a link.


On Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 7:02 PM Ken Jamrogowicz via <> wrote:
Those co-ords are actually *in* the water.

But if I look up your address, I get this:

From there it looks like there are a few possibilities (but not along the York river) ...

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