Re: 5.8 GHz PtP Backhaul Options

Ken Jamrogowicz

If you are not familiar with the 'heywhatsthat" tool - the coverage pattern is for a receive location six feet off the ground - roughly the location of a human eyeball.  For specific locations, you put in the coords, click parameters and put in the height of the other end (AGL or ASL).

For your Matthews location, a path is indeed possible - although it has a bit of a problem - depending on the height at the other end(see attached).

The "pinch point" is actually covered by a lot of trees, so you have to clear those as well as the dirt there (second image attached).

Looking at the satellite map, I see quite a tall tower at the Matthews end, so I am guessing you are quite high on that tower and thus I would expect it to work.

I am too far north to reach down your way.  "Assets" around here tend to be tall buildings where people are employed and various places where there are already VHF/UHF repeaters (hospitals, water tanks, hotels).   I can suggest you look in a repeater directory.



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