updates from NOVA growing and around

Darrell Sutton

Damon shared this on AREDMESH Forums

Just a heads up from NoVa-Mesh:

We have starting growing out our AREDN network from Reston and Chantilly all
the way through Bull Run Mountain and to the existing western AREDN network
in Front Royal/Winchester. We have about 8-9 nodes set up and are planning on
adding more very soon. NoVa-Mesh strives to have monthly meetings in the
Nova Labs Makerspace center in Reston.
We'll keep you posted on new nodes going up.

Damon Schaefer

Great News in NOVA has there been any attempt at connecting to the existing packet networks up in that area for winlink support?
Any News from the Richmond Metro folks sounds like some progress was made up there as well anyone care to share details on the efforts and have your connected to existing packet in your area.
There are some folks looking at some set ups in Williamsburg area interest is growing there..
Lower Peninsula is still looking for sites to set up nodes things slowed due to Covid.  Some meetings delay until things open back up.
There is also some interest in the Northern Neck area .
I have not heard from anyone in the southside Tidewater area any news there?


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